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A few years back when I started my business my electricity was disconnected. I had no foreseeable way to get them turned back on. My business was new and all I could do was to keep food on the table. I didn’t share this with anyone but my neighbor. She let us take an extension cord from her home to mine. After two weeks, we still no electricity, so she insisted we stay with her.

We lived with her for almost a month until SHE raised the money we needed to get our electricity back on. I am sitting here today in a state of gratitude for Anne and God’s grace. I am sharing this because I want those of you who are struggling in your business thinking about quitting…DON”T! If you believe in your product or service and keep your eyes on HIM! You will be successful. Don’t give up! Keep moving forward! …and above all BELIEVE in yourself.

If God gives you a task he will see you through it. When God told Noah to build the Ark, I can’t help but to think Noah had to have wondered.. “How will this happen?” But, Noah knew God would keep his promises so he went about doing what God had told him to do.

If you have a vision and a mission, go about doing the business God has given to you. But, don’t expect it to be an easy road.

Written by Victoria Finch, Transformation Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author

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