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About the Author


Author Victoria Finch MHt., The Heart Healer, is an award wining Business and Life Strategist, Speaker, and Founder of many successful businesses including Avalon Executive Assistants LLC. Victoria shares her story of being a bankrupt single mom on food stamps, who was down on herself, to successful business owner to empower others to reach for what they want in life.

Victoria is an out-of-the-box thinker. She is a master at transforming, inspiring, and empowering others through her books, speaking, workshops, and social media to get out of their own way, clear their mind-junk of limiting beliefs, to become prosperous.​​

In 2018, Victoria was recognized as an Empowered Woman of Indy by Amplify Indy. This award is given to women who are survivors and thrivers in their community. These women are recognized for uplifting and empowering others around them. In 2010, Victoria was nominated as a Founder for the Indianapolis Chapter of Women Entrepreneurs of America. This award is given to women who go above and beyond in the community by helping, educating, and inspiring others. In 2009, Victoria was awarded the Rock Award by Rainmakers. This award is given to those who demonstrate one or more of Rainmakers Core Values of leadership, giving back, and inspiring others.

Victoria’s goal is to encourage everyone she meets to take inspired action toward a life lived with intention and abundance.

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