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5 Steps to Effective Journaling

I remember when I was first introduced to the concept of gratitude journaling, I had no idea how to start or what to write. At first, I’d come up with something and instantly dismiss it as stupid. I was simply thinking too hard and judging. Once I got out of my head, things begin to change for me. Before I knew it, I realized that all things great and small are worth being grateful for.

A gratitude journal is simply a notebook where you write down everything in life you’re thankful for. It doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes in the early morning or before bed each night. The idea is to clear your mind, reflect on the day, and see the goodness in life.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Buy or make yourself a nice, attractive journal so you’ll take care of it and will look forward to journaling every day.

  2. Reflect on anything new that came your way: new friends, clients, or opportunities.

  3. Don’t be shy about repeating things from previous days; praising your good      health and loving family never tires.

  4. Did a friend do something nice for you today? Did you find a lost item? Did you handle a difficult situation well?   Gratitude is not reserved for  really big things; you can be grateful for the small things, too.

  5. Periodically, go back over your journal and read all that you’re grateful for. It’ll be a great pick-me-up on especially difficult days.

The more you add to your journal, the more you will teach your mind a new way of thinking.

Your outlook on life will become more positive and you will feel a deeper sense of connection with those around you.

And you’ll discover the sheer beauty that already exists in your life.

Written by Victoria Finch MHt, Life and Business Coach. For more on Victoria’s 7 steps to overcome fear and anxiety to live an exceptional life schedule your no cost discovery call

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